Intelligent Blutui tooling for Visual Studio Code.

Blutui IntelliSense enhances the Blutui development experience. This is by providing Visual Studio Code users with advanced features like, autocomplete, syntax highlighting and snippets.

The image above shows how you can access your blutui collection handels.

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Key Features


These snippets are useful for anyone needing to write blutui fuctions and example of this is !if would change to

{% if item == true %}

{% endif %}

List of snippets

  • !page
  • !template
  • !include
  • !form-macro
  • collection
  • form
  • !if
  • !for-collections
  • !for
  • !apply
  • !do
  • !autoescape
  • !set
  • cms_audio
  • cms_button
  • cms_code
  • cms_embed
  • cms_heading
  • cms_image
  • cms_list
  • cms_quote
  • cms_text
  • cms_video
  • asset
  • dump
  • cms.collection
  • cms.form

Syntax Highlighting

It's better than not having syntax highlighting.


This uses your courier.json file to get collection handles. These handles will come up in a html file when using entry. or item.. Just make sure that you set the collection to be entry or item so it would work.

Also with auto complete open and closing brackets {% %}, {{ }} and {# #}