Blutui Courier

Blutui Courier helps you easily build, and manage your sites from the terminal.

Note: Blutui Courier is currently in beta! We're working on more features to make the experience great.

courier is a Blutui command-line interface to interact with your Blutui site(s). It allows you to easily push and pull code to and from your site.


  • Experince the power of Blutui from your local enviroment using courier watch, to easily keep your code in sync.
  • Easily push code to your site using the simple courier push command.
  • Get started with a new project using courier pull to easily pull the latest code from your site.

Getting Started


Note: Before getting started install Blutui Courier on your platform.

courier is easy to install, works on macOS, Windows, and many popular Linux distributions.

Blutui Courier is available on macOS via Homebrew. Blutui Courier is available on Windows via scoop. Blutui Courier is available on many popular Linux distributions.

Create an API key

Before you can start using Blutui Courier, you will need to obtain an API key. To do this go to your Profile then Apps. Hit the Create token button next to Personal Access Token. Add a name then Create. It will then display your API key for you to use.

Note: Please remember that this key is only shown once.

Obtain an API key

Note: Personal Access Token will need to be reset every 365 days.

Linking your project

Note: Please make sure you already have an existing site on Blutui before proceeding. Learn how to create a site.

After obtaining an API key its time to pull your first project. Open your preferred terminal and create a new directory, for this example we will create a new project directory:

mkdir project
cd project

Inside the newly created project, it's time to setup a new courier.json configuration file, this config file is used by Blutui Courier to determine what project you are currently in. To create a new courier.json file run:

courier init -H [your-site-handle] -s [your-site-url] -t [your-api-token]

For example:

courier init -H sonic -s -t o03fs...

You should now have a brand new courier.json configuration file. Now you can pull your site code from Blutui, this will allow you to build your site locally. To pull your site code from Blutui, run:

courier pull

You can run courier watch to watch for file changes and automatically sync to with your Blutui site.

TIP: If you use git we recommend adding .courier directory to your .gitignore file.