Upgrade guide

Note: This upgrade guide is intended for users currently running @blutui/cli via npm.


courier is as easy to install as @blutui/cli, works on macOS, Windows, and many popular Linux distributions. Follow the simple getting started guide.

Upgrading existing projects

After installing Blutui Courier, you should upgrade your existing sites to support Courier. Adding support is easy, follow the simple getting started guide to learn how to create the new courier.json file.

If you are upgrading to Blutui Courier it is important to note that the new push and pull commands will only sync the public and views directory. This behavior is intended to make it faster to push and pull code.

Note: If you use git we recommend adding the .courier directory to your .gitignore file. The .courier directory is used by Blutui Courier to serve your site locally.

Uninstalling older versions

It is recommended that you uninstall @blutui/cli this version of the command-line interface for Blutui is no longer supported.

Switching browsers

To get courier watch working on your new browser you will need to reinstall courier. To reinstall courier, run:

courier install

You might have to delete the .courier folder in you Blutui project directory to reset the watch command.

Note: If you use Firefox there is an extra step to get Blutui Courier working. See the installation guide.