Webhooks can be triggered whenever specific events occur in your Blutui Project. You must have access to the project dashboard to create webhooks. For example you can configure a webhook to trigger whenever a form is submitted on a project.

In this guide we'll learn how to subscribe to the form.submission.created event and send a webhook request to Zapier. You can use Zapier to automate your Blutui project workflows by sending form submission to a Google Sheet, Slack, Mailchimp, and much more.


  • Paid Zapier plan to use the Webhooks Zap.
  • Admin access to a Blutui Project.
  • A pre-built form on your Blutui Project.



Create a new Zap

Firstly, let's create a new Zap in Zapier. From your Zapier dashboard, click the Create Zap button or go to


Select the webhook trigger

Click the Trigger button to add the Webooks by Zapier trigger. Use the search bar if the trigger is not visible. Then select the Catch Hook event type.


Retrieve your webhook URL

After selecting your event type, you will be taken to the Trigger step. Click continue to proceed to the Test step. You will be presented with your webhook URL.


Add your webhook URL to the Blutui Project

Next, copy your webhook URL. From your Blutui Project Dashboard, click the Settings page and navigate to Webhooks.

  1. Click Add endpoint to create a new event subscriber.
  2. Paste your Zapier webhook URL into the Endpoint URL field.
  3. Click the Select events button.
  4. Select the form.submission.created event. For the purpose of this guide we'll only select 1 event to subscribe to.
  5. Click Add endpoint to create the event subscriber for the project.


Test the form submission event

Now that we've created a webhook endpoint and subscribed to the form.submission.created event, lets test it by submitting a form. Once you have submitted a form on your project's frontend, we can test the Trigger in Zapier is setup correctly. Click the Test trigger button in Zapier to load any requests that were triggered by the Blutui project.


Select a test record

Once the requests have finished loading, select a request to continue to the Action step.

And there you have it—a complete guide to sending webhook requests to Zapier from a Blutui project. You can learn more about how to setup an Action in Zapier from their help center.

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